Medical device manufacturers looking for reliable, cost-effective cleaning options, especially processes which facilitate FDA medical device cleaning validation. Many companies are considering exiting from pyrogenic aqueous cleaning systems and migrating instead to fast, reliable, consistent vapor degreasing processes. This paper describes medical device cleaning and the usefulness of vapor degreasing in the industry. Perfecting and validating a cleaning method that works effectively on intricate parts is vital to ensure patient safety and to a reliable cleaning validation. Vapor degreasers offer a simple, proven, reliable answer.

New advances in solvent technology also mean that modern vapor degreasing processes are an environmentally sound option. They are more effective than aqueous systems, they are smaller with equivalent throughput, they do a better job on bioburden, they are nonpyrogenic, and compared to aqueous cleaning systems vapor degreasers are simpler to use and cheaper to run. It’s a win-win, many times over.

Content Revised May 2017

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