The Industry’s Leading Supplier of High-Performance Cleaning and Lubricating Fluids

When it comes to cleaning, coating or lubricating disposable medical devices, MicroCare Medical is the undisputed industry leader. With superior technologies and unsurpassed customer service, MicroCare Medical has the trust of companies around the globe.


Featured MicroCare Medical Cleaning Applications

Disposable medical devices change our world every day, saving lives, speeding recoveries and reducing costs. MicroCare Medical offers cleaners, coatings and lubricants that make the metal, glass, plastic and ceramic parts used in these devices simply work better.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Cleaning fluids are an excellent choice for cleaning medical devices during manufacturing because most of these choices easily solubilize hydrocarbon contaminates and lift particulate.

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Carrier Fluid Applications

Halogenated fluids are used as carriers for a variety of solids, glues, inks and particulates because they have good solubility and are nonflammable, which maximes safety.

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Silicone Removal

Silicone is a remarkable and flexible polymer. It is generally used in making gaskets, insulation, protective coatings and specialty tools.

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  • Factory calibrated PTFE lubricant offers consistent results
  • Imparts an ultra-low coefficient of friction of 0.06
  • ISO 10993 tested and certified
  • Compatible with ETO and radiation sterilization processes


  • Speed assembly of silicone tubing over barbed fittings
  • No solvent residues remain after drying
  • Excellent materials compatibility
  • Dries without affecting strength, compression or color

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