Universal Carrier Fluid for Medical Grade Silicone Lubricants

Universal Carrier Fluid delivers lubricants for medical device assembly


  • Formulated specifically for use with medical grade silicone lubricants for medical device assembly
  • Deliver Dow Corning™ 360 Medical Fluids (polydimethylsiloxane, or PDMS) or similar fluids
  • Use as as a cleaner for removing PDMS from parts, tubes and machinery during maintenance and service
  • Ideal for high-volume coating of medical devices
  • Dip, spray or wipe onto surfaces


  • High-solvency
  • Provides a highly-consistent surface coating regardless of surface geometry
  • Extraordinarily low surface tension and viscosity, enhances the “wetting” of all surfaces and shapes
  • Nonflammable

Universal Carrier Fluid  It consists of a proprietary solvent with superior PDMS carrying capacity (dilution) of up to 10% by weight while maintaining a clear homogeneous solution. This capability well exceeds the normal PDMS manufacturer recommended dilution range of 0.1 – 5%, so the Universal Carrier Fluid fluid enables superior performance and safety.

Operationally, the fluid is simple to use. When parts are dipped into the fluid and then removed from the bath, the carrier fluid quickly evaporates. This leaves a thin, uniform film of PDMS on the surface of the treated part. The process is fast, safe, easy and delivers excellent coating consistency on treated components.



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Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-UCF01L Glass Liter (Sample Only) 1.1 kg 1 Liter
MCC-UCF01G Mini-pail 4.5 kg 3.8 Liters
MCC-UCF01GG Glass Gallon Bottle 4.5 kg 3.8 Liters
MCC-UCF01P Pail 22.4 kg 18.8 Liters
MCC-UCF01D  Drum 224 kg 200 Liters
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-UCF01L Glass Liter (Sample Only) 2.5 lbs. ~ 1 Quart
MCC-UCF01G Mini-pail 10 lbs. 1 U.S. Gallon
MCC-UCF01GG Glass Gallon Bottle 10 lbs. 1 U.S. Gallon
MCC-UCF01P Pail 50 lbs. 5 U.S. Gallons
MCC-UCF01D  Drum 500 lbs. 55 Gallon

Technical Details

Clear, colorless liquid
Slight, ethereal
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA)
Boiling Point)
Chemical Family
HFE Solvents
Evaporation Rate
None, Nonflammable
Ozone Impact (O.D.P.)
Zero, Ozone-Safe
Safety Rating