VDX PTFE Dry Lube Spray

VDX Dry Lubricant is a medical-grade PTFE dry lube spray which uses a Teflon style powdered fluorocarbon in an aerosol package. It provides a dry, slippery PTFE lubricant coating that reduces “stiction” and wear associated with surface-to-surface movement, such as is found with parts that slide, twist or pivot on each other. ThePTFE dry lube spray is non-migrating, which means it pretty much stays where it is sprayed (unlike silicone and oil-based lubricants which can be messy to use). It is ideal for high pressure and high load service conditions. PTFE is the most slippery material ever discovered, and the VDX aerosol reduces the coefficient of friction to 0.06 or lower (making the surface about as slippery as water ice).

Here are the operating instructions for the proper use of the Duraglide™ PTFE lubricants.

The coating is dry and does not attract dirt or dust to treated surfaces. It is ideal for use on chains and pulleys, metal extrusions, window guides and door tracks, injection mold dies, chutes and slides, conveyors, silicone rubber and almost any surface or assembly that requires a clean, durable lubricant for optimum performance. The aerosol package delivers pinpoint lubrication on any surface or shape without clumps, drips or runs. ISO 10993 tested and certified. Use on metals, plastics, ceramics. No odor. Nonflammable.

Note: This product is available in bulk packages (liters and gallons) under the Duraglide™ brand, from MicroCare. 

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Technical Details

White, powdery spray
Slight alcohol-like scent
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA)
1000 ppm
Boiling Point)
-26˚C / -16˚F
Chemical Family
HFC Propellant with PTFE lubricant
Evaporation Rate
None, nonflammable
Ozone Impact (O.D.P.)
Zero, Ozone-safe
Safety Rating