VDX PTFE Dry Lube Spray

VDX PTFE Dry Lube Spray provides a dry, slippery PTFE lubricant coating that reduces “stiction”


  • Lubricates chains and pulleys, metal extrusions and conveyors
  • Use on window guides and door tracks, injection mold dies, chutes and slides,
  • Works on silicone rubber, metals, plastics, ceramics and almost any surface or assembly that requires a clean, durable lubricant for optimum performance
  • Lubricates  parts that slide, twist or pivot on each other
  • Ideal for high pressure and high load service conditions


  • VDX Dry Lubricant is a medical-grade PTFE dry lube spray which uses a Teflon style powdered fluorocarbon in an aerosol package
  • Coating is dry and does not attract dirt or dust to treated surfaces
  • Reduces “stiction” and wear associated with surface-to-surface movemen
  •  Non-migrating, which means it pretty much stays where it is sprayed (unlike silicone and oil-based lubricants which can be messy to use).
  • ISO 10993 tested and certified
  •  VDX aerosol reduces the coefficient of friction to 0.06 or lower (making the surface about as slippery as water ice)
  • Delivers pinpoint lubrication on any surface or shape without clumps, drips or runs
  • No odor
  • Nonflammable

Note: This product is available in bulk packages (liters and gallons) under the Duraglide™ brand.

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Technical Details

White, powdery spray
Slight alcohol-like scent
PEL (ppm, 8-hr TWA)
1000 ppm
Boiling Point)
-26˚C / -16˚F
Chemical Family
HFC Propellant with PTFE lubricant
Evaporation Rate
None, nonflammable
Ozone Impact (O.D.P.)
Zero, Ozone-safe
Safety Rating