Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid

The Tergo™ MCF (Metal Cleaning Fluid) is a highly effective precision cleaning fluid optimized for vapor degreasing. It commonly is used for degreasing metal, plastic and ceramic parts. It is one of the strongest cleaning fluids on the market (high Kb value) yet it is compatible with most materials of construction including metals, ceramics, most durable plastics and elastomers.  Tergo MCF enables fast, thorough and consistent cleaning of intricate shapes without bio burden problems and/or the complexities associated with pyrogenic cleaning processes.

The unique, patent-pending mix of chemistries enables simpler, faster, better and less expensive cleaning while meeting stringent environmental and worker safety regulations. It is an ideal replacement to solvent cleaners under regulatory pressure such as nPB, TCE and methylene chloride. Tergo MCF does not require chemical stabilizers or scavengers and it does not break down in the presence of humidity or white metals.

Vapor degreasing is one of the most effective methods to clean medical devices because the actual process requires minimal space in a cleanroom, is simple, repeatable and easy to validate. Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid is compatible with existing vapor degreasing equipment and is a drop-in replacement for many older degreasing chemistries. It is compliant with all  current and proposed environmental, health and safety regulations and available globally. It is an excellent replacement for nPB, perc and TCE. Other benefits include:

  • Based on new HFO chemistries for a better environmental profile
  • No chemical stabilizers or scavengers; acid testing is never required
  • An azeotrope, for maximum stability and ease of recycling
  • One of the strongest cleaning fluids on the market (highest kb value)
  • Compatible with most materials of construction
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