Tergo™ Chlorine-free Cleaning Fluid

Tergo Chlorine-Free Cleaning Fluid (CFCF) is a non-flammable, non-chlorinated two-solvent solvent engineered for vapor degreasing. It has excellent materials compatibility and is designed to work at normal vapor degreasing temperatures. Medical device makers around the world are considering Tergo CFCF as a replacement for older solvent fluids and complex, expensive and energy-intensive water cleaning systems. The main benefits of Tergo CFCF are (1) the ability to use higher temperatures to clean very stubborn contamination, (2) extremely cost effectively, (3) without any ingredients containing free chlorine or other halogens.

Chemically, the cleaning is performed in a non-halogenated, non-chlorinated cleaning fluid which has a high flash point, a very high boiling point and a low vapor pressure (this is called the “solvating agent”). The solvating agent dissolves and removes oils, greases, waxes, particulate and most electronic fluxes. After cleaning, a rinsing agent (a number of choices are available from MicroCare) is used to flush the solvating agent from the parts. Almost any existing two-sump vapor degreaser (one equipped with both a boil and a rinse sump) can be used for this cleaning process.

Operations are simple: the Tergo CFCF and the rinsing fluid are mixed in the boil sump of the degreaser in ranges from 40/60 to 70/30 percent by volume. The solvating agent concentrates in the boil sump to lift and dissolve soils from part surfaces while the rinsing agent concentrates in the rinse sump to quickly flush the solvating agent and soils from the part. This simple process allows for maximum cleaning flexibility and broad compatibility with plastics and elastomers. This process also eliminates the dependence on old-style chlorinated solvents, which are traditionally used to enhance the cleaning properties of milder fluorinated solvents. The parts come out clean, dry and near room temperature. Key benefits include:

  • The most economical co-solvent system on the market today
  • Replacement for high Kb-value solvents such as nPB or TCE
  • Optimized for high temperature cleaning, such as removing waxes and buffing compounds
  • Excellent materials compatibility
  • Excellent environmental profile — as “green” as you can get
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Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
M2S-TCFCF01EUP Pail 20.5 kg 19 Liter
M2S-TCFCFRIEUP Pail 22.7 kg 19 Liter
M2S-TCFCF01EUD Drum 227 kg 200 Liter
M2S-TCFCFRIEUD Drum 249 kg 200 Liters
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
M2S-TCFCF01EUP Pail 45 lbs. 5 Gallon
M2S-TCFCFRIEUP Pail 50 lbs. 5 Gallon
M2S-TCFCF01EUD Drum 500 lbs. 55 Gallon
M2S-TCFCFRIEUD Drum 550 lbs. 55 Gallon