The Duraglide™ PTFE dry film lubricants speed the assembly of medical devices. A thin layer of dry PTFE lubes improve the functionality of many devices by reducing friction between moving parts. Typical applications include catheters, cutting tools, staplers, hypo tubes and other “surface to surface” assemblies that slide, pivot or twist. Available in numerous concentrations and packages.

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Duraglide™ Dry PTFE Lubricants

Duraglide™ Lubricants are medical-grade, ready-to-use PTFE lubricants that reduce surface-to-surface friction on disposable medical devices. Unique feature: ultra-small particle size improves lubricity. ISO 10993 tested and certified. Most often used on disposable medical devices, and on production fixtures to facilitate the assembly of plastic and metal components.

PTFE Spray Duraglide™

The Duraglide™ PTFE spray is a medical-grade polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE lubricant spray packaged for mold release applications. It leaves a thin, uniform, dry, PTFE coating over any surface. This low-cost, non-migrating, pyrogenically-inert coating imparts ultra-low friction and resolves “stiction” problems common in low-speed, light-load applications. Often used as a mold release.

VDX PTFE Dry Lube Spray

This is a medical grade PTFE dry lube spray using Teflon style fluorocarbon particles in an aerosol package. It provides a dry, slippery PTFE lubricant coating that reduces friction and “stiction” (uneven activation forces) produced by surface-to-surface movement, such as is found with parts that slide, twist or pivot on each other. The lubricant is non-migrating, and is ideal for high pressure and high load service conditions. The VDX aerosol reduces the coefficient of friction to 0.06 or lower (making the surface about as slippery as water ice).