Non-aqueous, nonflammable carrier fluids for silicones from MicroCare Medical dissolve and carry medical grade silicone lubricants, such as the Dow Corning 360 materials, and deliver performance results like no others. These liquids deposit the  medical grade silicones on to medical devices, and improve worker safety without sacrificing performance.

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Universal Carrier Fluid for Medical Grade Silicone Lubricants

This is a nonflammable fluid formulated specifically to dilute and transport medical grade silicone lubricants on to parts during medical device assembly. It works well with silicone lubricants such as Dow Corning™ 360 polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) or similar fluids. The proprietary solvent has superior PDMS carrying capacity of up to 10% by weight while maintaining a clear homogeneous solution. This enables superior performance and safety for the high-speed, high-volume coating of medical devices.