Medical Device Manufacturing

Cleaning fluids are an excellent choice for cleaning medical devices during manufacturing because most of these choices easily solubilize hydrocarbon contaminates and lift particulate. Most of  these fluids are hostile to pyrogens, which simplifies cleaning and minimizes any bioburden. On a broader level, the MicroCare cleaners generally will out-perform aqueous cleaning with faster cleaning times, fewer process steps, reduced energy usage, improved cleaning, smaller footprints and simplified waste disposal, to name just some of the benefits. The parts come out clean, dry and near room temperature, eliminating the risk of parts carrying water into further processes.

Solvents are useful in other applications, as well. The most common is as a carrier agent for medical-grade lubricants which enable device performance unobtainable using any other technology. These fluids also can be used to swell silicone or polyurethane tubing, which speeds device assembly and lowers production costs.